We resurrected the Good Humor Man, created a family obsessed with olives for Bertolli, and let Tom and Jerry sell Promise. But after 8 years at McCann we needed to see more of the world, so we crossed the street and went to J Walter Thompson.
J. Walter Thompson, Senior Partner, Creative Director of Interactive, 1996-1999
For 3 years we worked on Listerine, Trident, Kodak and Clairol. We also became the agency’s first interactive creative directors. Eventually though, we became homesick. So we traveled back across the street and returned to McCann.
McCann-Erickson: SVP/Group Creative Director 
Coming back to McCann we picked up right where we had left off . 
We won another Effy for our Fabio campaign and our work on Johnson & Johnson brands such as Band-Aid, Reach, Stayfree and Acuvue kept us plenty busy.

But busy took on new meaning when I became the Group Creative Director on the Lowe’s Home Improvement account. In the 4 years that I worked on Lowe’s, my team and I produced over 400 commercials. Along the way we earned ourselves a couple of Effies and helped Lowe’s triple the price of their stock.

They went from being a name that nobody knew to beating Home Depot in same store sales every quarter for the 4 years I worked on the business - despite the fact that Depot outspent them two to one. 

The power of branding never ceases to amaze me.

Combe,Inc: VP/Associate Creative Director

And now I am on a new path facing new, exciting challenges. I have made the switch to the client side of the business, working on Cepacol, Vagisil and Just For Men. In this capacity, I get to be a part of the marketing mix from the moment of inception. From product concepting, naming and package design, to television, print, radio and web design - it’s remarkable how much more there is to marketing than just a 30 second spot!
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Ted Bates: Copywriter 1985 -1988

For 3 years I worked on M&M Mars, Dole, Hostess, Maybelline and HBO.

I learned that a good execution is nothing without a good strategy. 
I found out that winning an award was like eating Chinese food. 
The satisfaction doesn’t last for long.
Plus, it can lead to swelling.
The real rush, I discovered, was from collaboration because that’s where I met my art director, Bill Shea, who would become my partner for the next 16 years. And when Backer & Spielvogel joined Bates, Bill and I decided it was time to join McCann–Erickson.

McCann-Erickson: Copywriter to VP/ Creative Director 1988-1996
Nina Disesa hired Bill and me to work on AT&T but we soon found ourselves working on Waterman pens, Nabisco and Coke. 

Our work on Coke not only landed us a Cannes Lion, it landed us in Irwin Warren’s group where we would spend the next decade and a half under his tutelage.  
It was there where I learned about the wacky world of packaged goods and how good ideas and good test scores aren’t mutually exclusive. 
On I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter we took a little known romance cover model named Fabio and women ate him up. The brand more than doubled its share, making it number one in its catagory, and the campaign went on to win 2 Effies, an AME and the Unilever Global award.
Home Improvement Stores
Effy Award

Skippy Snack Bars
Adweek Best Spots

Cannes Bronze Lion
The One Show Merit Award
Andy Award Certificate 
of Excellence

Waterman Pens
London International Advertising Awards,
Andy Award Certificate of Excellence,
The One Show Merit Award,
Kelly Award: 25 Best Magazine Campaigns
Wamsutta Sheets
The New York Festivals, 
silver medal,
Kelly Award: 
25 Best Magazine Campaigns

Promise Margarine
Unilever Global 
Advertising award

I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter
Unilever Global Advertising award
Effy Awards
Advertisng Marketing Effectiveness Award
Adweek Magazine 
best of ‘95
What I’ve been doing for the past twenty-odd years:

Brandeis University, BA. Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude 

In the world of advertising, that and 4 
bucks will get you a cup of coffee. Although 
back then I could also get a sandwich.
Pratt Institute – Masters in Design & Communications 
Three years of designing, drawing, lay-outs and marker fumes convinced me of one thing: 
to pursue a career in copy writing. 
But my book did land me my first internship and that is where my education really began.

My Real Education:
Benton & Bowles: Junior Copywriter.1984-1985
The first 3 months I sat in my creative director’s 
office watching his every move. 
What began as an internship soon turned into a full 
paying job and I found myself writing ads 
for Nyquil, Entenmann’s and Marine Midland Bank. 
I got my very own cubicle and my first national 
print ad produced. I was a happy copywriter. 
But then Ted Bates came knocking on my 
cubicle divider and as Woody Allen says 
about sharks - if you don’t keep moving, 
you die.