Rona Oberman: creative director/writer
Of the 408 spots we shot for Lowe’s, this one got mens’ hearts racing.
Who knew Tom & Jerry were 
health conscious?TV_files/promise.mp4
This spot was the first episode in the trials &
tribulations of the family Bertolli.TV_files/bertolli.mp4
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What goes down better with a Coke than a Cannes Lion?TV_files/coke-mask.mp4
This spot for 
A Partnership for a Drug Free America
won several awards -but none of them were for swimming.
We shot this spot over 20 years ago
when India & Pakistan, and Israel & the
Palestinians were in conflict.
Unfortunately not much has changed.
What do you do when you have to put a book’s worth of facts into a spot? 
Use the book!
In the age of iphones & ipads,
how do you get someone to spend a $100 on a pen?TV_files/waterman.mp4
This Lowe’s campaign was all about talking houses. Once they started we couldn’t shut them up!
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No giraffes were hurt in the making of these spots!
Can coloring your hair change your 
relationships? This dog thinks so.TV_files/BestFriends.mp4
May I present you with the new
breed of Champions.