Rona Oberman: creative director/writer
In this 3 part campaign, we used a well known soap opera star to help demonstrate the many benefits
of Benzal lubricant.Women_files/Benzal%20Key_1.mp4
The saga continues as our
heroine continues to save the
evening with Benzal.Women_files/Benzal%20Cork_1.mp4
The story ends well - for both
our heroine and the brand. She
gets the guy and sales go
up 26% once the campaign airs.Women_files/Benzal%20Ring_1.mp4
Stayfree had always been seen as
your mother’s pad. In this spot we
set out to update the brand image.Women_files/Stayfree_1.mp4
How do you make a Vagisil
spot a little less irritating?
Stop focusing on the irritation.Women_files/Graphic%20World%20Wipes_1.mp4
In this spot for Vagisil Satin
we tried to dramatize
the feel of the creme.Women_files/Satin_1.mp4
This billboard for Stayfree ran in Sydney Australia. As you can imagine, it created a bit of a stir.
These two posters are part of a full campaign we created for Vagisil in India. Women_files/BestFriends.mp4
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